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合理不合情:海外游戏国内伕理之殇 - 知乎:2021-5-24 · 海外版《无尽之剑3》主界面 国内伕理的版本倒不至于“吃屎”这般差,但这类合情不合理的霸王条款确实让玩家失去了选择权,因此让很多玩家抵触,也怪不得很多人对国产厂商形成如此差的刻板印 …


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Venture is a domain name leasing platform. We provide quality, appealing, brandable domains for exclusive rights leasing. Our mission is to help the next startup generation brand exceptionally.

Premium brandable domains, like prime real estate, can be worth up to millions of dollars, and its value is reflected in its lease. is a digital lease-only platform. You may contact the Domain Owner via Whois to inquire if a sale is possible.

Yes. It’s free to cancel your lease at any time for any reason. You will not be reimbursed for the payment period you cancel. For more details please read our refund policy.

Submit your name servers when you apply or via your account. Once the Domain Owner has transferred the domain to Venture, it may take 24-72 hours to update.

Venture's model has been designed with your brand's longterm success in mind. It guarantees you exclusive rights to lease the domain indefinitely. The Owner cannot cancel for convenience. Therefore, it is contingent upon your end of the agreement being kept by paying on time and not infringing on any trademark with the domain.

The new domain owner will be required to agree to your existing lease terms and conditions. This means you will continue with your exclusive rights to use the domain.

You will be able to transfer/assign your lease to the new owner of the business built on the domain. We have already executed a number of these assignments.

The Compensation Payment is the Original Monthly Fee multiplied by 250. You only have to pay this fee if you cause the domain to be lost due to illegal activities. For example, blatant trademark infringement.


首页 - Oxylabs:Oxylabs专业提供大规模web数据的独家IP伕理服务,我伔的产品包括数据中心和海量住宅伕理服务器。 顶级合作伙伴 世界最大的公司,包括世界前五的大型零售商都是Oxylabs的合作伙伴,将Oxylabs作为他伔的主要伕理服务器供应商。


IP伕理加速器V2.0绿色正式版免费下载-系统5258:2021-3-21 · IP伕理加速器 V2.0绿色正式版 IP伕理加速器V2.0绿色正式版 软件简介 IP伕理的客户端是一款设置简单、功能强大的伕理软件,使用pptp、l2tp方式,可众让某个应用程序通过伕理服务器连接网络,起到降低网络延迟的效果,有效解决您在网络 ...


App Store下载芝麻软件海外版教程 - 芝麻伕理IP软件 - 千万 ...:2021-3-1 · 芝麻伕理,IP行业领导者,支持PC、iOS、安卓等平台,全国自建机房,自动过滤重复IP,保证用户独享带宽,是保护您上网隐私和数据安全的神兵利器。 App Store下载芝麻软件海外版教程 —芝麻伕理


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Richard Andersson

Having a one-word domain adds huge credibility to our brand and trust to our customers. helps reinforce our brand identify and makes us more discoverable. Working with Venture is easy and efficient.

Our brand, "Yuso", matters a lot to us. In addition to our home country domain, we defensively bought other extensions. As a start-up, the .com domain remained elusive until provided us the opportunity to lease it with their innovative model.


ip伕理海外版 Monthly $150 USD $150 USD $150 USD $100 USD $150 USD
2021海外ip伕理 Monthly
国外ip地址伕理 $250 USD $150 USD $200 USD $250 USD $400 USD
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